Rob Lind


Rob Lind

Honey! Affable = Charming ? Nifty+

Rob is a country chap – who’s travelled the world and has lots to offer. An experienced, professionally trained actor of film, radio and stage, he has a natural, straight commercial delivery – but also loves to experiment with quirky, fun characters. From his travels he discovered that he can quickly pick up languages – from Swedish, French, Brazilian, Spanish, Japanese – and only the nicest words from some others!

He is quick to make your words his own and is fun to work with. With his voice work mostly interstate (and from a previous life), Rob is now a “fresh voice” onto the Melbourne scene, ready to bring your customers onside.

In his spare time, he loves the 3-R’s … Writing, Renovating & Red Wine.

(OK, so that’s 2-R’s and 2-W’s … They’re all good!)