UPDATED RATE CARD – effective from 1 December 2023.

All fees quoted are ex-GST and in Australian Dollars. Please enquire for tax status of individual voice actors.
Some voice actors may charge fees above these rates. This document forms part of the Terms and Conditions
of Melbourne Voices Management and by booking a voice actor with Melbourne Voices Management
you acknowledge agreement of our Rates, Terms & Conditions.
Our Terms & Conditions are at the end of this document.

Also download PDF here.

Incorporating MEAA Minimum Rates

Television /
Cinema Commercials

Internet Commercials


Bundled Broadcast

Intranet or
E-learning Instructional
In-Flight, Point Of Sale,
Trade Fares, Stadiums
Radio Commercial
Voiceover Rates
Telephone Messages
(On Hold)
I.V.R. (Interactive
Voice Response on
Telephone System)


Radio & Digital


Video Narration
Video Dealer /
DVD Presentations
Overseas Use
& Additional Use
Online Video
Sales Video
Explainer Video
External Usage

AI (Synthetic Voice)


CANCELLATION FEE: $212 if less than 24 hours notice is given prior to time of the booking full fee is payable.

POSTPONEMENT: If a booking is being postponed on the same day as the booking, reasonable notice must be given if possible. A call may be postponed with less than 24 hours notice without penalty, provided that a further definite booking is made within 7 days of the original call. In all other cases a full fee is payable. Only one postponement is allowed. If an altered call is cancelled within postponement period full fee is payable.

HOLDS: It is your responsibility to advise the agent if a “hold” you have made on a voice actor is to be confirmed or cancelled. Please advise if you are only making an availability check

CHARACTER VOICES: Means any voice or sound that is beyond the range of a voice-over actor’s normal reading voice, including any accent or voice for animated character. (Broadcast clearance of voice impersonation is client’s responsibility). If in doubt, please check with agent at time of booking.

SINGING: Add character loading to applicable base fee, per singing track.

SUBMISSIONS: Means a track or tracks not going to air, or not yet going to air. If a track is a submission this must be notified to the actor/agent at the time of booking.

ROLLOVERS: Where use exceeds the contracted period a rollover must be paid. The producer/advertiser must advise the actor/agent before this occurs and arrange for the rollover fee to be paid.

NAME ASSOCIATION: Double fee where the performer’s name (either visually or audibly) is to be used in conjunction with any campaign. This is separate from “celebrity name association” where a performer’s name is used to sell a product, for which fee is price on application.



NATIONAL: Applies to use in more than one state.

SHORT TERM: Up to 3 months on air.

LONG TERM: Up to 12 months on air. Usage considered to commence from date of recording unless first on-air date advised.

EXCLUSIVITY: Exclusivity should not be presumed for any voice actor or any product, By negotiation only.

AI (SYNTHETIC VOICE): By hiring any voice from Melbourne Voices Management it is accepted that under no circumstances may any portion of the voice recording be used for AI purposes unless it has been negotiated and agreed to up front with the artist and MVM.

MINIMUM RATES ONLY: The rates are minimum rates only. Agents and performers are free to negotiate rates with producers/advertisers in excess of the rates set out here provided that where a single television track is intended to run with different tags (as defined) in a large national campaign that is substantial in nature and there are to be multiple tags produced in one session then the agents and performers may negotiate with producers and advertisers rates other than those set out in this rate sheet.

Terms & Conditions

Melbourne Voices Management will invoice any client with credit approval on a strictly 7 days payment terms, otherwise EFT payment prior to or on the day of recording will be required. Order numbers will be quoted where provided.

By hiring any voice from Melbourne Voices Management it is accepted that under no circumstances may any portion of the voice recording be used for AI purposes unless it has been negotiated and agreed to up front with the artist and MVM.

MELBOURNE VOICES MANAGEMENT acts as agent and representative of our voice actors, and is not their employer. Payments are made to the agent on their behalf, the company or person paying for their services at each recording session is effectively the employer and as such is responsible for deducting tax and payment of superannuation, should the voice artist be a PAYG tax payer. MVM will supply a tax declaration form for talent with invoices.

When payment is made, we require a Remittance Advice from your company detailing the payment(s) including invoice number(s), tax taken and superannuation amount paid.

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Post Synchronisation

A voiceover artist required for post synchronisation or ADR shall be paid no less than the following:

Up to 60 seconds add $240.00 per commercial.

Over 60 seconds add $305.00 per commercial.