Andrew Gill
Specialty 40S
Gender Male

Andrew Gill

30s, 40s

Rich. Authoritative. Reassuring. Soothing.

Andrew Gill is a master communicator who has great energy and a fast wit. He can deliver ‘restrained and formal’ or ‘high energy and hilarious’ or anything in-between. Andrew has always loved the medium of radio. His ‘early on-set resonance’ helped him open doors from the age of 12, obtaining roles in shows and events as a magician, host and variety performer. He’s travelled the world hosting and performing in Japan, Singapore, USA and throughout much of Australia. In the world of TV, Andrew has warmed-up studio audiences for Channel 9, Ch 10 been an on-camera presenter for “Screama” on Foxtel and Channel Ten Hoops TV. He’s also worked behind the scenes producing and directing video and film for TVC’s and online. Andrew dreams of being the lovechild of Peter Smith and Craig Willis.