Bailey Robinson
Specialty 20S
Gender Male

Bailey Robinson


Husky, Edgy, Teenagy, Warm

Bailey is a typical 14 year old. He loves computer games and You Tube, he plays electric guitar, reads graphic novels, adores listening to music and likes hanging out with his mates.

Unlike a typical 14 year old, Bailey loves eating snails cooked in a garlic butter sauce (French style). He and his dad are currently doing a French Odyssey culinary tour of French Cafes in Melbourne. So once every few months they take their journal and write about their culinary experiences. Now back to Bailey’s voice over experience. Well, coming from a family of voice over actors, he’s been in recording studios since the day he was born. His mum taught him to read at the age of four, in early preparation for his voice over career.

He’s got a husky teenage sounding voice, has a quirky sense of humour and takes direction quickly and easily.

Bailey attends an inner city school, which means he can get to your studio promptly!