Elizabeth Slattery
Specialty 40S
Gender Female

Elizabeth Slattery


Fresh, Enticing, Confident, Heart-felt

Elizabeth’s vocal talent has a way of drawing the listeners in. She possesses the natural ability to quickly understand the message and meaning behind any script, make it her own and bring it to life with intelligence, clarity, confidence and heart. Since graduating from acting school in 2002 she has worked as an actress in all mediums and as a voice artist for TV and radio, corporate presentations, eLearning, audiobook narration, animation, radio plays and IVR. Elizabeth’s training and experience has gifted her with the skill of being able to take direction easily, adapt effortlessly and a versatility ranging from informative straight reads, to energized, fun, flirtatious reads, to warm, compassionate, serious reads, as well as an impressive character and accent range. Due to her extensive improvisation and clown training, she has a whole community of characters inside of her that love to come out and play.

Elizabeth also has a home studio.


ACCENTS: American (standard and southern), English (standard, cockney, Northern), Irish, broad Australian, Italian