Georgia Delaney Martin
Specialty 20S, 30S
Gender Female

Georgia Delaney Martin

20s, 30s

Rich, Warm, Cheeky, Approachable

Georgia is a Melbourne based voice actor and singer. She’s passionate about all things music and growing her experience within the voice over industry, and has worked for 10 years in radio as both a presenter and producer. Georgia is a dedicated hard worker and works well in pressured environments. She enjoys working through a new script with creative flair and passion whilst greatly appreciating any direction given. She’s looking forward to trying new and wonderful things within the industry and applying her cheeky, silly side of her personality to her work. The styles of work she has enjoyed in the past is informational, advertisement and university ads, etc but would like to also venture into character work for children’s entertainment. Georgia has quite a deep and warm tone to her speaking voice, but has the range to do fairly high pitched.