Jackie Kerin
Specialty 40S, 50S
Gender Female

Jackie Kerin

40s, 50s, Actor

Very natural. Well spoken. Corporate. Warm and friendly.

Using my voice to speak, sing and tell stories is my passion. I love the challenge of accents and dialects and with a little time to research can come up with the goods. My speaking voice is naturally light and youthful with a bright, warm tone but I have the skills to darken it to suit characterization for documentary narration. I sound younger than my age might indicate. I have worked as a reader for audio books, recording for children and adults. My Australian accent is faint and urban. I have a strong musical ear and good timing. I enjoy phaffing around in studios, experimenting and trying out new and random ideas. I’m an old NIDA graduate and learned to speak faster than thought, and talk and chew gum at the same time”.


Jackie Kerin - CV - MVM