Jessica Stanley
Specialty 20S, 30S
Gender Female

Jessica Stanley

20s, 30s

Warm, Smooth, Soothing, Sincere

Jessica Stanley is an award-winning actor, writer, voice artist and producer based in Melbourne. She appears regularly on stages throughout Victoria with her theatre company, Spinning Plates Co., and tours educational theatre shows for willing and unwilling students everywhere. A lover of ASMR, Jess created the award-winning show JSMR and delights in gently whispering away her audience’s troubles. Her voice is often described as being smoother than honey, resonant, commanding, and soothing to hear. Incredibly driven and warm, Jess is a passionate bookworm and excellent listener. Also working as a marriage celebrant, Jess loves incorporating voice work into all facets of her life. As a Leo, she loves hearing herself talk (but also knows when to zip the lip), and using her voice to paint a vivid picture for her audiences.