Sammy Beniac-Brooks
Specialty 20S
Gender Female

Sammy Beniac-Brooks


Young, energetic, fresh, friendly.

Passionate about all things even slightly related to talking or singing, voice work is second nature to Sammy. As a radio presenter and producer, Sammy uses her voice every day, so when she found out that voice over’s could be a job, she jumped straight into it!

Undertaking acting throughout her schooling life and into University, Sammy understands that every script has its own character and story. She thrives in a studio environment both being able to direct herself in her own freelance voice over work, as well as loving the challenge of being directed by others. She loves experimenting with accents, characters and styles and can even do a mean Julia Gillard impression. From real estate to kids’ toy sales, Sammy’s range of styles can cater to any client’s needs.