Sarah Hickey
Specialty 30S, 40S
Gender Female

Sarah Hickey

30s, 40s

Emotive / Authentic / Conversational / Colourful

Sarah Hickey is a film writer/director and overall empathy who fell into voiceover work as a result of her commercial film directing. Often recording placeholders in her own works through self-founded production company Monster & Bear (and clients so often asking her to stay on board for the official recording), Sarah quickly built a folio and entered the voiceover realm.

Sarah’s strengths lie in being able to take words on the page and finding the authenticity, and connecting with the truth behind them. Her natural involvement in filmed performance-based works has also allowed her to be across many acting techniques which, upon reflection, make her a very strong voice performer, able to communicate clearly throughout the recording process, and provide exactly what is needed for post-production.

Sarah particularly resonates with content that has a social conscience, but doesn’t take herself too seriously either.

6 Things You Need To Know (Animating w/ M&B) from Monster & Bear on Vimeo.