Sheryl Munks
Specialty 30S, 40S, 50S
Gender Female

Sheryl Munks

30s, 40s, 50s

Warm, Husky, Vibrant, Crazy.
Sheryl has been doing Voiceovers since she was a little girl, sitting up in bed reading her story books out loud doing all the character voices annoying her older sister, whom she shared a room with. Not knowing that one day she would make her living from doing just that…Acting and Voiceovers.

Sheryl started out as an Actor, with lead roles in Prisoner, The Man from Snowy River, Acropolis Now and The Big Steal. Then moving across to Voiceovers, bringing with her, her passion, enthusiasm and energy to many well known television and radio commercials.

Sheryl is so versatile, you can throw her a script at the last minute, and you know in seconds that character will come to life! She can play a young vibrant and energetic girl, a sultry sexy seductress, a warm and loving Mum, an old granny having a whinge, a calm and inviting narrative or maybe a crazy woman going off about something! She can sell ya’ stuff, get ya’ to try new things, tell ya’ to go somewhere or tell ya’ not to do something!

She has a beautiful husky, unique quality to her voice and with nearly 30 years experience in the industry “Shez” has been involved with many successful campaigns and brands. She can bring that unique quality to your campaign too.