Steph Teitelbaum
Specialty 20S, 30S
Gender Female

Steph Teitelbaum

20s, 30s, Actor

Vibrant, Versatile, CaptiVating, Velvet.

As a radio presenter and singer, voice is a huge part of Steph’s life – in the best possible way. She takes any opportunity to use it wisely and always welcomes a chewing of the fat; in fact she likes it more than a hot cup of tea on a cold winters morning. She is passionate about voice over and loves all the different opportunities and avenues it follows; being the voice behind the action excites her greatly! She adores being part of collaborative and creative groups of people and with a range of styles and accents, Steph is up for any challenge. As an actor, character voices and animation gets her going as she loves to tell a story but if you need something saucy just let her know!

She finds great joy in entertaining people whenever the opportunity presents itself which is horribly often; playful and unique in both voice and personality, you wont leave a session without having a good laugh. Oh yeh, and she doesn’t mind wearing trackies to work either!


Steph Teitelbaum - CV - MVM