Suzy Cato-Gashler
Specialty 40S, 50S, 60S+
Gender Female

Suzy Cato-Gashler

40s 50s, 60s+

Elegant, sensuous, playful, assured, compelling.

As an actress, Suzy finds voice-over work extremely satisfying. In film, theatre and television she has played characters ranging from arch aristocrats, glamour pusses, a QC, medico, savvy forthright businesswomen, to dedicated primary schoolteachers, always bringing a freshness and uniqueness to each role. And so it is with her voices.

It has been said she can bend her voice into a pretzel, preferably a luxury pretzel.… well, she is the original “princess and the pea”… ah, but never a Prima Donna behind the glass.

The warmth of her voice can lift your heart, the fragility can break it. Then there is the intelligence and strength.

She enjoys the collaboration and fine tuning in the studio, is quick off the mark and a delight to work with.